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Phase I

Payyambalam shores are not just some shorelines drawn on map; it occupies biggest room in the heart of every north-keralite.  This beach lies one kilometer away, in the western side of Kannur, Kerala. Beach has everything like adventure point, children’s park, beautiful sunset point and above all, crematoriums of Kerala’s most powerful leaders.  The only thing that is disappointing about the beach is its untidy surroundings.

Our innovative campaign named “Clean our shores” carries a mission to clean and care our shores, happened at Payyambalam beach, Kannur on 4th of June 2017 at the eve of world environment day (June 5).The campaign was jointly Inaugurated by honorable M.P of Kannur Hon. M.P Smt. P.K Sreemathy Teacher, Kannur, District collector Mr. Mir Mohammed Ali, Kannur municipal chairperson and the secretary of DTPC, Kannur; On that exciting and eventful day, we were able to clean the shores of Payyambalam from the serious threat of plastic plates and thermocol cups.

We didn’t wind up with a mere cleaning; our insightful team delivered steel plates and steel cups to the local vendors of the place and created a one-to-one awareness session.This four hour long cleaning-campaign happened on an energizing evening.Entire hours were made exceptionally engaging by many dedicative souls from different areas of life, like government officials, humanitarians, local people and some vibrant students of a residential sports academy.

Success of every campaign lies how the values are being followed. Through this initiative, we made sure by entrusting this area to respective authority to keep clean and retain its beauty.         

Now, Payyambalam beach has a welcoming grace, cheerful smiles and one beautiful sequel happened is, those earlier ignored, residing crematoriums has restrained its charm as children started the practice of placing flowers and treasuring those beautiful shoreline.

Phase II

Extended phase of clean our shores was envisioned to voice out loud the concept of clean and care our shorelines.

The phase II took place on October 2nd Gandhi Jayanthi day. The campaign was jointly inaugurated by Hon. Dewaswom Minister Kadannappilly Ramachandran and Hon. M.P Smt. P.K Sreemathi Teacher along with Kannur District collector Mr. Mir Mohammed Ali.

This time the cleaning extended to a span of 2.5 km which was cleared by an effort of 4 hours by around 150 people. Active participation of NSS volunteers, Army men and local people was one promising thing about the campaign.







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