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Kannur Paramotoring Fest’18

There is something to be said for the alluring seashore and its surrounding sounds. Whether it is soft sand, enchanting panorama or breathtaking sunsets, seaside always leaves with multisensory nourishment to one’s soul.

Vishwas Foundation, in association with Kerala Tourism and DTPC Kannur, has adorned the skies of Muzhapilangad beach with colorful tandem paramotoring canopies.

Official inauguration of the fest happened at Muzhhappilangad beach by Hon. Minister for Health and Social Welfare Smt. K. K. Shailaja Teacher.

Logo launch of this grand festival of flying was done by Hon. District collector of Kannur Shri. Mir Mohammed Ali at Kannur Press Club.

Everyone who has visited a beach would have gazed enviously at soaring seagulls or birds flying towards the horizon. Paramotoring at Kannur Muzhapilangad beach answered all these trains of thoughts on flying. No other flying sport has got its coveted class till date and therefore frames this adventurer’s obsession-‘Paramotoring’ matchless.

Para motoring is a recreational adventure sport of flying, where the pilot wears a motor on his back (a paramotor) which provides enough thrust to take off using a paraglider. . A Paramotor is capable of traveling long distances, gaining great heights like 10,000 feet if not more and staying up for hours together. Unlike other conventional powered aircraft, it is capable of taking off and landing in small open fields. An experienced pilot has full control over the machine he is maneuvering.

One of the best places for paramotoring today is the Muzhappilangad beach, located in Kannur district of Kerala. This is the largest ‘driving beach’ where the hard-packed sand allows motorized vehicles to ply on it. The length of the beach allows a person to be in the air for as long as 15 minutes. The wind speed is perfect for Para motoring and the area which is surrounded by several green meadows provides an excellent opportunity for safe take off and landing.

Cultural rich Kannur is widely known for its vibrant art forms and unique rituals. Apart from the cultural vibrancies, there is a lot more the land of Kannur Possess. Kannur Paramotoring Fest’18 with the main objective of promoting adventure tourism at Kannur strengthened the outreach of this scenario effectively.

An estimate of 500 people per day was present for the 15 days fest. Kannur Paramotoring Fest provided a fabulous opportunity for adventure enthusiasts to fulfill their flying dreams.

 10+ Days

100+ Participants

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