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Njan Natta Maram

Njan Natta Maram Campaign was modeled as an endearing gift to our Mother Nature while moving along with the beautiful thought of Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam to bring back our squirrels and birds by planting trees. This revolutionary campaign paved an uncommon but unique idea in the field of environmental campaigns.

Njan Natta Maram was organized in collaboration with SPICE project and Social Forestry. The first chapter of this innovative campaign was inaugurated by Hon. MLA Smt. E.S Bijimol on June 15, 2017 at St. Mathews LP School, Wallardie, Idukki.  Our campaign voices the theme of world environment day 2017, “connecting people to nature”.

Planting a tree is easy but preserving and protecting demands time and patience. This campaign gets the innovative tag because of its notion of care and protection. Here we propose the concept of handing over a sapling to each student. The concept of the campaign is each student plants a sapling and thereafter takes the responsibility to care and protect the plant till they complete their schooling and handover their tree to the next batch. Thus this beautiful cycle nurtures values in children.

Almost all the saplings were planted in the abandoned plastic bottles. We believe this can mark as a perfect example of recycling, especially to the budding generations.

A well-targeted tree-campaign along with the idea of plastic recycling can doubtlessly build an enchanting ecosystem. We have distributed 5000 saplings in and around Peermade to spread this revolutionary thought to a wide-reach.

Serene Classrooms adorned with chirping birds and running squirrels may pave an exceptional impact in academics as well.


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