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Clean Up My Peermade

Clean Up Peermade

Peermade, a small-town hillside destination in Idukki district of Kerala is blessed with abundant natural beauty. This land which is located 915 meters above sea level is an ideal spot for endless strolling and exciting trekking activities. From the queue of people waiting to climb and explore, the beauty of the region is threatened by an increased level of tourism.

However tourism is a double-edged activity, it enhances socioeconomic achievement and at the same time, an uncontrolled growth leads to the degradation of natural flora and fauna. Unfortunately, the fragile hillside of Peermade has been adversely affected these days.

As part of our “Clean up-peermade” mission that aims to clean up the tourist destinations in Peermade with its first chapter to clean national highways and its surroundings was inaugurated by Peermade M.L.A Smt. E.S. Bijimol on October 2nd Gandhi Jayanthi day in association with Dept. of forest, Govt. of India.

Rather than ending up with a usual floral tribute, we were able to convey the exact message of Gandhi Jayanthi through our environmental campaign. The Peermade highway areas of Thattathikanam and Valanjanganam which spans 6km were messed up with plastic waste. Along with the combined effort of some promising NSS volunteers, we collected and disposed all sort of mess from the roadside.

We believe our campaign Clean up Peermade with a motto, “clean and protect Mother Nature” had an influencing effect on all the Peermedu travelers. Now those alongside waterfalls have beautiful pathways without any clinging obstruction of plastic bottles. We hope it won’t lose this alluring ambiance anymore.






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