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“Thanal Theeram”- Green walls to the Payyambalam seashore

World environment day has always been an eventful day on the calendars of Vishwas Foundation. This year, the campaign naming, “Thanal Theeram” was organized in order to plant tree saplings at Payyambalam beach, Kannur. Hon. District collector of Kannur Shri. Mir Mohammed Ali presided over the function. The campaign had an estimable partnership of Payyambalam Residence Association members.

The campaign has a notion to prevent seashore from coastal erosion. All the saplings were carefully selected to have an effective growth in the saline soil and to withstand salty wind. Prevention from coastal erosion is not only the reason; the trees will cool down the neighborhood significantly and in turn slow down the velocity of the wind.

There were around 50 saplings which were planted on the walkway of Payyambalam beach, Kannur. As a responsible, NGO we never want to end up with a day celebration, Nurturing of all the saplings were entrusted to the nature lovers of Payyambalam Residence Association.

“Thanal Theeram” as a green wall to the Payyambalam shore, was an incredible tree planting activity from our campaign calendar. As Vishwas Foundation loves the fact that, every little thing people do make difference to the world, Our little thing is planting trees for the coming years.